Sharp Hustlers living large! with the Cutco/Vector Opp


Ace Weekly

An upcoming prodigy in the Vector/Cutco world! THE ANDREW EVANS! 

A serial entrepreneur has created a great podcast & takes the time to host it personally! Learn more on the link below


Cathy Christen

From a famous author to a life coach, Cathy Christen has done it all by taking full advantage of the Vector/Cutco opportunity. Learn more on all the great things she does today on the link below.



By popular demand, The world recognized Dan Casetta has created and now hosts the famous Changing Lives Selling Knives Podcast. The living legend Dan Casetta is a mentor to many across the world and we are blessed in the Vector/Cutco world he has taken the time and energy to create what he has.

Daily Personal Growth

Basic Financial Logic

Watch through some of the basic steps Nick Smith leveraged while building up his sales team with-in Cutco Cutlery.